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G5020-1 V1.1 u-blox 5 GPS Receiver Module

G5020-1 V1.1 u-blox 5 GPS Receiver Module GPS/GNSS/Beidou/Glonass/Galileo MODULE G5020-1 V1.1 GPS Module
Item No: G5020-1 V1.1
Product Name: GPS Receiver Module
Product Specifications:
"Model NO.:G5020-1 V1.1
Chipset:u-blox 5
Dimension:31.0(W) x 15.0(D) x 2.8(H) (mm)
1).Frequency:L1, 1575.42 MHz.
2).C/A code:1.023 MHz chip rate.
Accuracy (Open Sky) :
1).Position:2.5 meters, CEP
2).2 meters, SBAS
3).Time 30 nanosecond synchronized to GPS time
Acquisition Rate (Open sky, stationary requirements) :
1).Reacquisition:Less then 1 sec., average.
2).Hot start:Less then 1 sec., average.
3).Warm start:29 sec., average.
4).Cold start:29 sec., average.
Dynamic Conditions:
1).Altitude : 18,000 meters (<60,000 feet) Max
2).Velocity:515 m/s (<1,000 knots) Max
3).Acceleration:5G, Max
1).Input power input:3.3V DC for main power
2).Input current: Less than 110mA (without antenna)
3).RTC current: Less than 25uA
RF interface:Minimum signal tracked: -160dBm
Serial Port:
1). Full duplex serial communication, TTL interface, with user selectable baud rate (4800,9600,19200,38400,57600)-User customized
2).NMEA 0183 Version 2.3 ASCII output (GGA, GSA, GSV, RMC)
3).Ublox binary system message
1).Level TTL
2).Pulse duration 100 ms
3).Time reference At the pulse positive edge
4).Measurements Aligned to GPS second, ±30 nanosenond
Environmental Characteristics:
1). Operating temperature range -40 to +85
2). Storage temperature range -45 to +85
Physical Characteristics:<3.5g"

Product Description:
u-blox 5 GPS Receiver Module

Update: 2011-05-16
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