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Smart Antenna:ceramic antenna

WM9050GR GNSS Module with Antenna

WM9050GR is a high performance, low power consumption, small size, and very easy integrated GPS engine board, based on the latest SiRFstarIV technology.


  • Based on the latest SiRFstarIV

  • High sensitivity navigation engine (PVT) tracks as low as -163dBm

  • Cold Start 35s average

  • 48 track verification channels

  • Active Jammer Remover: Removes in-band jammers up to 80 dB-Hz. Tracks up to 8 CW jammers

  • GPS data updated through UART

  • Small active size: 9.6(W) x 8.0(D) x 1.6(H) mm



  1. FrequencyL1, 1575.42 MHz.

  2. C/A code1.023 MHz chip rate.

  3. Channels48

Accuracy (Open Sky)

  1. Horizontal Position Accuracy(Autonomous)<2.5 meters (50% 24hrStatic, -130dBm).

  2. Velocity Accuracy: Speed <0.01m/s Heading<0.01°



Time To First Fix (TTFF)

  1. Hot start1 sec., average.

  2. Warm start35 sec., average.

  3. Cold start35 sec., average.

Sensitivity (Autonomous)

  1. Acquisition: -148dBm

  2. Tracking: -163dBm

  3. Navigation: -160dBm

Dynamic Conditions

  1. Altitude : <18,288 meters Max

  2. Velocity515 m/s (<1,000 knots) Max

  3. Acceleration4G, Max


  1. Power input1.8V DC for main power and RTC power

  2. Input current: Less than 60mA (without antenna)

Serial Port

  1. One full duplex serial communication, TTL interface, with user selectable baud rate (4800 default)

  2. NMEA 0183 Version 3.01 ASCII output

Environmental Characteristics

  1. Operating temperature range -40 to +85

  2. Storage temperature range -45 to +85

  3. Physical Characteristics

Active Size: 9.6mm (W) x 8.0mm(D)

Functions Block Diagram:

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