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BLE Module

BC10240 BLE Module

BC10240 is a Bluetooth 5.0 class 2 module which is a high performance, cost effective, low power and compact solution. The Bluetooth class 2 module provides a complete 2.4GHz, Bluetooth system based on Qualcomm CSR1024 (A06) chip which is a single chip r


  • 256KB internal Flash, 64KB code RAM and 16KB Data RAM

  • 192KB ROM, 60KB OTP, 256 byte MTP

  • Bluetooth® v5.0 specification

  • Support Bluetooth SIG Mesh

  • 4 dBm Bluetooth low energy maximum transmit output power

  • -92 dBm Bluetooth low energy receive sensitivity

  • Support for Bluetooth v5.0 specification including master/ slave operation and encryption

  • RSSI monitoring for proximity applications

  • <900nA current consumption in dormant mode

  • 16MHz crystal or system clock

  • Switch-mode power supply

  • 15 digital PIO, 1 analog AIO, I2S, quadrature decoders, PWM, Key scanner, LCD glass drive, IR decoder

  • UART/ I²C / SPI for peripherals

  • Green Semiconductor Products and RoHS Compliance


Product Description


Bluetooth v5.0

Main Chipset

Qualcomm CSR1024

Host Interface



16.8 mm x 12.7 mm


Half-hole PCB module

Electrical Specifications

Frequency Range


Data Rate/Modulation

1Mbps, GFSK, 250KHz deviation

TX Output Power

4dBm (+/- 1dB)

RX Sensitivity

-92dBm (min)

Operating Voltage

1.4V ~ 3.6V DC

Functions Block Diagram:


  • Building an ecosystem using Bluetooth low energy

  • HID: keyboards, mice, touchpads, remote controls

  • Sports and fitness sensors: heart rate, runner speed and cadence, cycle speed and cadence

  • Health sensors: blood pressure, thermometer and glucose meters

  • Mobile accessories: watches, proximity tags, alert tags and camera controls

  • Smart home: heating control and lighting control

  • Mesh network for Internet of Things

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