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A33 Dual Band(2.4g/5g) LTCC Antenna

A33 Dual Band(2.4g/5g) LTCC Antenna

"WIESON" microwave multi-layer chip ceramic antenna GPL series are designed to be used in WLAN, Bluetooth, multiple-band mobile phone antenna, GPS, etc and compact size SMD chip design.


Electrical Characteristics

項目 Item

特性 Specification

中心頻率 Center Frequency

2400 ~ 2500 / 5150 ~ 5850 MHz (No matching)

2450/ 5500 MHz (After Matching)

頻寬 Bandwidth

100/800 MHz Typical

增益 Gain

2.23/4.05 dBi max.

反射損失 Return Loss

-7 dB MAX.

極化方式 Polarization

線性 Linear

方位角 Azimuth Beam width

全向性 Omni-directional

阻抗 Impedance

50 Ohm

Datasheet: /uploads/image/20160114/1452754360.pdf(←click here)

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