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A31 5GHz LTCC Chip Antenna for Loop Type

A31 5GHz LTCC Chip Antenna for Loop Type

"WIESON" microwave multi-layer chip ceramic antenna GPL series are designed to be used in WLAN, Bluetooth, GPS, etc and compact size SMD chip design.


Electrical Characteristics

項目 Item

特性 Specification

中心頻率 Center Frequency

5500 MHz (After Matching)

頻寬 Bandwidth

700 MHz Typical

最高增益 Peak Gain

4.25 dBi

電壓駐波比 VSWR

2.0 MAX.

極化方式 Polarization

線性 Linear

方位角 Azimuth Beam width

全向性 Omni-directional

阻抗 Impedance

50 Ohm

Characteristic curve

Datasheet:/uploads/image/20160114/1452760605.pdf(←click here)

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